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NIPT – An analysis is possible from the 11th week of pregnancy

At the Clinical Institute of Medical Genetics we also offer a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) – a test that determines with a high degree of reliability whether there is a high risk of a child with trisomy 21 in the ongoing pregnancy. The analysis of fetal genetic material is performed from the mother’s blood. Testing is carried out within the framework of genetic counseling, where you are given all needed additional genetic information, and if necessary, you can perform additional genetic testing.

Blood collection for testing can be performed from the 11th week of pregnancy onwards. Blood withdrawal does not present a risk to the fetus or pregnant woman, and the results are available within 14 days. All details of the test itself and how to make an appointment are available on the telephone number of CIMG outpatient clinic (+386-1-522 6171).


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Using a genetic test, we can determine whether a particular gene or chromosome has been changed. Usually it is a blood test or a tissue sample.

At CIMG, we offer classical genetic testing of chromosomal changes or individual genes, as well as the introduction of novelties in the field of genetic testing, such as, microarray technology and next-generation sequencing.


At our institute, we offer clinical genetic examination and genetic counseling for all important hereditary diseases that may occur in the fetus during pregnancy, in childhood, or in the adult period. We provide specially trained medical stuff: genetic nurses and medical doctors specialized in clinical genetics, thus ensuring all the internationally accepted recommendations and guidelines for the professional care of individuals and their families with hereditary diseases.

The main fields of our expertise are prenatal genetic diagnostics, genetics of neuromuscular disorders, cancer genetics, genetics of hearing and vision impairments, genetics of cardiovascular disorders and reproductive genetics.


For several decades, Clinical institute of medical genetics at UMCL has actively participated in national and international research projects and programmes as the leading or participating partner. The research results are published in recognized international journals and books and are presented as lectures or posters at national or international scientific meetings.


The main objective of the Clinical Institute of Medical Genetics (CIMG) is to provide genetic diagnostics and genetic counseling for patients and families with genetic diseases in Slovenia.

The beginnings of cytogenetic diagnostics date back to 1966, only ten years after the discovery of the correct number of human chromosomes. Our genetic counseling services started in the seventies, and molecular genetic diagnostics was set up in the nineties. In addition to genetic services, we also counsel pregnant women regarding medication use during pregnancy.
Besides our focus towards patients and families, we are actively involved in organizing graduate and postgraduate studies in the field of medical genetics at the Medical Faculty, as well as in the Interdisciplinary postgraduate study at the University of Ljubljana.
The transfer of the latest, high quality genetic diagnostics technologies and up to date genetic knowledge into the routine genetic practice is assured by intensive research work. Specific emphasis is given to the epidemiology of genetic diseases, important for public health, male and female infertility, neurogenetics, and recently also the developing area of genetic treatment. Using the latest genomic technologies, we are introducing an individualized patient approach, thus entering the field of personalized (genomic) medicine.

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